Kids Photo Shoot in Brac

Being a photographer I constantly take pictures of the world surrounding me, especially my son. It’s in my blood. I love doing photo shoots with Hendrix at different locations, creating great memories for our family photo album. He is not always happy about it but with a little bribery (gummy bears work great)  I usually get him to have fun with me. This shoot only lasted 15 minutes and the afternoon sun (the ‘golden’ hour is my favorite time to shoot)  turned the old village of Supetar in such beautiful light, the perfect location. I usually shoot with a Nikon D810 but often I don’t bring this camera on vacation because it’s very big and heavy. For our Croation photo shoot I used my smaller Nikon D5500, I usually shoot on a wider aperture (like F2.8) to get the background a little blurry and keep the shutter speed high. Then I just try to find different angles to shoot (sideways, from the top onto the kid laying on rocks, sand or grass, etc.) and I make my subject move. I love taking photos of kids jumping. Most important, have fun with your child. Don’t pose him or her too much. Just go with the flow. If you have fun together you will get some great images. Hendrix came up with the handstand pose and I thought it was such a great idea.

On my next photo blog post I will experiment with doing a whole kids photo shoot with my iphone. Stay tuned to see see how that will go!


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