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June 27, 2022 Traveling Mamarazzi

Provincetown, famous for its huge gay and Lesbian community has also become a desirable family vacation spot on the Cape. Walking down commercial street you see boys kissing each other, girls holding hands and drag queens in full costumes advertising their shows. I felt this year Hendrix was at a great age to see a…

February 11, 2020 Traveling Mamarazzi

The minute you land in Hawaii you feel the Aloha spirit. Love, compassion and peace is quickly your new life style for the time you are there. Our friends greeted us with the most amazing selection of lei’s (mine had ginger flowers and orchids: Tony’s showed a selection Jameson bottles; Hendrix was happy that his…

About Me

Hi. I am Karin, the traveling Mamarazzi.
A Mom, photographer and journalist traveling to amazing destinations on this planet with my musician husband and 9 year old son. 

My travel blog is mainly documenting our travel adventures as well as providing great tips on traveling with kids. As a traveling family we love to explore the places we are visiting and find out what the locals eat, do and think and to learn about their different culture and traditions. We are all huge music fans and always try to find live music wherever we go.
Being a journalist and photographer, it is my passion to tell stories, in writing and with images. As a traveling Mamarazzi I am reporting those stories to you in my new series Culture Club.  Stories about interesting people I meet along our adventures around the world. Faces and places. A portrait about the Greek Mom who has to reinvent her family business to get through the economical crisis, a story about a Monk living in a monastery in Thailand, the profile of a woman who runs an orphanage in India. There are so many amazing stories that want to be told, the sky is the limit.

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