Our Story

The idea of starting a blog to document our family travel came to me when suggesting a six month world trip to my family. My musician husband Tony and our 9 year old son Hendrix immediately loved the idea. Totally inspired by the concept of breaking our daily New York City life routine, equipped with a stack of travel guides next to my computer, I have been working hard to find a way to make this epic journey possible. 









our bucket list

While we thought 5th grade would have been a great year to take Hendrix out the of school to show him the world instead, Tony’s work situation changed and does not allow us to go away for an extended period of time right now. Tony is the Music Director/Guitar Player for Rocktopia and composing music for several TV shows.



While working on better timing for our big world trip and hopefully finding some sponsors to help pay for it, I decided to start writing my blog anyway since both Tony and I have been travel enthusiasts our whole life. Tony has toured the world with Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, Cher, Joan Jett, Nena and many more.


Growing up in Germany I was lucky enough to be raised by parents who loved to travel with their 3 kids in tow. Since Hendrix is born, he happily joined our wanderlust. His first passport has quickly collected stamps of more than 10 countries. In the past summers we have travelled to several European destinations, and during shorter breaks (winter recess, etc.) the Bruno family loves to visit Mexico, The Caribbean or Cape Cod. When Papa Tony is touring, Hendrix and I visit him on the road. No matter how far away.

My blog features destinations we have visited together as a family and the adventures we had there, as well as reviews of hotels, restaurants, fun things to do with kids and great places to see.

When we travel, we are not specifically looking for family oriented, all inclusive hotels with babysitting service or kids activities. We like to explore the country and find interesting things to do for both parents and kids. At a wine tasting in Croatia, we were pleasantly surprised at how educational the tour was for all of us. We quickly got a great overview about the local agriculture, climate and also the job market. Our guide encouraged Hendrix to go into the vineyard to harvest and taste all different types of grapes. It was a very special afternoon for all of us and created a beautiful memory for our family. The picture of Hendrix in the vineyard is still my husband's phone screen saver.

Hendrix harvesting grapes at a wine tasting in Croatia

Traveling to me is about creating beautiful memories for our family but also about exploring other cultures histories and beliefs. We love to meet the locals and see the country through their eyes.  As a journalist and photographer it is my passion to tell stories through writing and images. In the Culture Club series I am telling stories about interesting people we meet throughout our journey. Portrait of a Greek Mom who has to reinvent her family business to get through an economical crisis, a story about a Monk living in a monastery in Thailand, a profile of a woman who runs an orphanage in India. There are so many amazing stories that want to be told, the sky is the limit. As the Traveling Mamarazzi, I am excited to report these stories to you.

Meet The Team

Karin Bruno

Mom, Journalist & Photographer, Traveling Mamarazzi

As a photographer and journalist, documenting my surroundings in a natural way has always been my passion. Traveling inspires me and makes me happy. Tony is the man of my dreams. Nena was right saying we are perfect for each other when she introduced us 20 years ago. Hendrix is the sunshine of my life and being a Mom is the best thing I ever did. I grew up in Germany and now enjoy living between Brooklyn & Woodstock.


Tony Bruno

Papa, Musician, Writer, Producer & Musical Director, World Traveler

Did you know there is a picture of Tony in the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame?

Tony was a Blackheart for 5 years playing with Joan Jett. Tony has been Enrique Iglesias' musical director and guitar player for 11 years and has helped Rihanna as her musical director to stardom. Tony is writing and producing music for several TV shows and is the guitar rock hero of the show Rocktopia, a fusion of rock and classical music. .

Hendrix Bruno

Son, 4th grader, World Traveler

Hendrix loves rock music, just like his Papa. His favorite instrument however is not the guitar but the drums. He has been drumming since he is 3 years old and is really good. I'll never forget when he performed Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones) at a venue in Brooklyn with his band. As a big fan of video games and YouTube he started his own YouTube channel where he does game reviews, funny challenges with his friends or posts his beautiful, creative stop animation movies. Hendrix is very excited to document our trip on his YouTube channel with a vlog. Hendrix has also acted in a short movie, loves soccer, skiing and the beach. 

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