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 Guest Blogger Jack Hinkley Orsulich and Hendrix Bruno

We are best friend from Woodstock and every year we go together to Cape Cod!

Favorite Things to do in Cape Cod for 9 year old kids like us

Hendrix’s mom Karin invited us to write this blog post about our favorite things to do in Cape Cod.

1. Hermit Crabbing


Best spot for hermit crabbing is the town beach in Provincetown near the dock. A hermit crab is a crab in a shell that is not attached to his own. When you see a hermit crab, grab it carefully with your hands and put it in a bucket with cold ocean water. It doesn’t hurt when they pinch. It’s so much fun. When you go home, please release them back into the ocean.


2. Bike Ride

Biking in Provincetown was the best idea we ever had since coming to the Cape. This year for the first time we brought our bikes from NY and we went on a bike ride every day and it was amazing. We love riding through Provincetown or taking our bikes to the pool at the Harbor Hotel. Just be prepared to ride up some hills.

3. Lewis Brothers Ice Cream store/truck

This is not sponsored by Lewis Brothers. We really love this ice ream!!!! The Lewis Brothers store is right in the middle of Ptown and the ice cream is our favorite ice cream ever. They pack a lot of cream into it, so it’s very yummy. They also have great toppings. Jack’s favorite flavor is black raspberry and Hendrix’s favorite kind is cookie dough. And the best thing is, they have an ice cream truck that comes to one of our favorite beaches (Cornhill Beach). Because everybody knows it’s good, there might be a long line at the truck.

4. Toy Store (Puzzle Me This) 

The toy store has lots of unique and fun board games. That’s usually the first place we go to after we arrive in Ptown. They have many different shaped dice, great decks of cards and many cool themed games like Ghostbusters Monopoly. We both bought a 20 sided dice and Hendrix bought the card game Mille Born. Even though Mille Born has complicated rules once you get to know the rules it is actually a really fun and funny game. They don’t have Lego sets.

5. Beach Fire at night

You should definitely do a beach fire at night at one of the beaches. You can get a free permit at the beach office. We love it. You can roast marshmallows in the fire and we even found crabs with our flashlights. The ocean is warm at night. Be careful sitting in the water at night, a crab might pinch your butt.


6. Fishing Trip on a boat (Cap’N Kids, Harwich Port)


The fishing trip was super fun. You go on a boat and fish for 2 hours. You will get fishing poles on the boat and if you catch a fish you can take it home and eat.  Jack’s mom Lisa caught us dinner. Tony caught a sea robin but we had to throw it back in the ocean because we couldn’t eat that one because they are only skin and bones. Hendrix caught a sunny. Our neighbor caught a black sea bass and they look very evil and Hendrix’s mom Karin got scared. In the beginning of the boat trip the captain put crab traps with a buoy tied to it in the ocean. At the end of the trip they reel the trap in and release all the crabs all over the boat and everybody tries to pick up the crabs and throws them back into the ocean. The crabs were called spider crabs and they were about 8 inches big.

7. Pilgrim Monument

Walking up the monument is a good exercise and very entertaining. The inside looked like a square spiral. On the top you have a great view over Provincetown. We liked the machines where you can see everything much closer for 25 cents. We also liked the Pilgrim museum at the bottom of the monument which gave us fun facts about the Mayflower and the pilgrims. The monument is 252 feet high and has 60 ramps to climb up to the top. It is the tallest all granite tower in the United States. We are giving it a thumbs up. If you look at the monument the right way it looks like Donald Duck.

8. Squid fishing at night at Ptown pier

Squid fishing you do when it’s dark, so we met our friends at the pier in Provincetown at 8 pm. Squid fishing is pretty hard to do. You probably won’t get many squids on your first try. What you should do is take the weight and put it under the bait. We bought a plastic glow in the dark bait at the hard ware store in town. There are many mackerel that scare the quid to the bottom. So if you see a mackerels just make your line longer. After you put the line in the water you should jig it every 15 seconds and hopefully feel the squid bite.

9. Swimming Pool and Cabana Bar (Harbor Hotel)

The pool is really fun and it’s very big. We are allowed to jump in and dive at the deep end. At the tiki bar they have yummy food and milk shakes. The vending machine used to have pop tarts but we ate them all. Sorry, no more pop tarts. If you live in Ptown you can cruise down commercial street on your bike and you will get there in only 5 minutes. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to go swimming at the pool.

10. Places we like to eat at:

The Patio

The patio is a good place to eat with kids because they have pasta, yummy mini burgers with fries and you eat outside on a beautiful patio. Only bad thing is that the kids pasta is a small portion.

Strangers & Saints

They have great pepperoni pizza. Good peppers and deviled eggs. We liked sitting outside in front of the big white house and we loved the fancy paper straws.


We like to eat at JD’s. We sit upstairs and can see the people walk by on the street. We like the pizza there and the sushi.

11. Beach

This year we had a lot of sharks on the beach. When we went to Head Of The Meadow beach we had to wait 45 minutes before we could swim because of a shark sighting. We felt safe when they opened the beach again. The water of the beaches in Cape Cod is cold in general but it’s refreshing and you get used to it quickly.

We love Head of the meadow beach the best because the water wasn’t that cold and the waves were perfect for boogie boarding. We also likes to play frisbee on the beach. The wide sandy parts at this beach is perfect for that.

12. Gull Pond (Wellfleet)

It’s a great place for swimming. The water was warm and very clear. We loved the wooden pier and jumped off of it with our friends for a long time. We liked to dive underneath the pier to find air pockets where we can stick our heads in.

13. Water Park (Cape Cod Inflatable Park, West Yarmouth)

We think it’s a great and fun place. We want to go back!!! If you get bored of the inflatable water park you can go to the dry part of the inflatable park and if you get bored of that you can go to the arcade. There was an inflatable wall that had a bunch of velcro on it and you wear a suit with the other side of the velcro on it. Then you jump as high as you can and you get stuck onto the wall. That was fun. The water slides were cool, wild and dangerous. We almost fell off of one but it was still cool.

14. Kayaking

Kayaking is pretty fun. We kayaked right in Ptown by the harbor and the dock. We loved paddling along the shore and the boats that were anchored in the harbor. Hendrix also kayaked on Gull Pond with a friends kayak where he saw an old house and an old boat. It was really fun.

15. Drag Queen show Lip-Schtick (Scarbie)

The show has a lot of funny jokes and it’s ok to bring kids 8 years or older. I wouldn’t bring a 5 year old because they might not understand it. We liked the colorful costumes and it was great to see David change into different characters right on stage. We liked the scenes when he dressed up as someone else. We took funny pictures with David (Scarbie) after the show.

16. Places we like to shop at:

Marine store (Marine Specialties)

The marine store has a bunch of fun and interesting toys and clothes. They sell toy guns and real guns there. We like to buy snappers there and bang them on the street. They have a pile of funny hats and we liked to put on different ones, like the colorful squid hat. They sell Donald Trump mints, national embarrass mints. There is an old piano there that you can play and usually people play great songs there.

Whalers Wharf


Whalers Wharf is an excellent wharf with many great shops. We like the t-shirt shop Karmic Connection in the back. The owner prints his own designs on t-shirts and we bought some. We are big fans of the jewelry store when you first get in on the left where we got a bunch of great gem stones (R.C. Handcrafted Jewelry). Our moms liked the jewelry in the store but we loved the little gum ball machine outside the store which was not filled with gum balls but with gem stones. For two 25 cents coins you get a nice gemstone. The owner was very kind.

17. Mini golf (Arnold’s)

We liked to play Mini golf in Cape Cod. We went at night and it was fun.

18. Lighthouse (Highland Light, Truro)

We had fun visiting the lighthouse. Great view and we loved to see the huge light very close. The museum was interesting. They actually moved the lighthouse away from the ocean at one point.



Places we don’t like at all in Provincetown: STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  1. Pirate Museum

Never go to the pirate museum. It’s full of junky stuff and very boring,. They make you watch a boring film at the beginning and the room is very small. The things you see are not showing much about pirates. The displayed things looked like plastic. The woman who works at the store was very rude

   2. Kite Store

Don’t go to the kite store. No matter what! The toys are made in China and junk and break right away and the owner is mean and unfriendly. She does not like kids. When we went there with money to buy something, the owner said ‘if you are not buying anything, get out. out.’  She treated us like we were dogs. When our parents asked her why she is mean to the kids when they were simply looking at toys and balls to buy she said “the kids were looking at shit in the cooler”. Language lady. Then she called Jack a “smart ass”. We regret buying toys there the day before. You can see a link to her unfriendly gestures here because my dad made a little video of her. The kite store is horrible. We give it minus one thousand stars.

Except for the pirate museum and the kite store: WE LOVE CAPE COD!!!!!


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