Review of Drag Queen Show Lip-Schtick in Provincetown

Provincetown, famous for its huge gay and Lesbian community has also become a desirable family vacation spot on the Cape. Walking down commercial street you see boys kissing each other, girls holding hands and drag queens in full costumes advertising their shows. I felt this year Hendrix was at a great age to see a drag show. At 9 years old you begin to understand about love, marriage, relationships and being gay, Even transgender and sex are topics 9 year olds nowadays already know something about.

Coming to the Cape for 4 years now, I immediately remembered this fabulous looking drag queen with colorful costumes and fancy hats on a bike going up and down commercial street to promote ‘his’ show. I googled best drag show in Ptown and bingo, I found him. His name is Scarbie, the show is called Lip-Schtick.  When I found him on Yelp, there was a number listed and I thought the box office would answer my call but it was none other than Scarbie himself who answered with a surprisingly deep voice. My first question: “is it ok to bring kids to the show?” Scarbie assured me that the show is family friendly and we had a lovely conversation. Tickets bought.

On the day of the show, I met Scarbie at 6 pm at his ‘box office on wheels’, his pink Schwinn bike, right outside the theatre to take some photos for my blog and to pick up the tickets. He greats me like an old friend and I am suddenly so happy that I picked this show over several others. His husband of 20 years was helping to sell tickets, a real home grown production. Love it. After a quick dinner, we arrive at the show with our bikes. Scarbie reserved us 5 seats together and welcomed us and everybody else in the audience outside the theatre.

Not knowing much about the show or what to expect, I was bit concerned that Hendrix and his friend Jack would enjoy it, understand it and have fun. My worries were quickly put to rest when Scarbie entered the theatre in a dramatic red dress and a large feathered headpiece singing and dancing a show tune. The show is so much more than him singing and dancing. It’s a witty, clever and funny story actually about himself, his journey beginning as a 9 year old boy realizing that he likes to dress up  and wear his sisters make up, believing in his dreams and fighting for his rights to be who he is. The show has a beautiful message: believe in your dreams, work hard, respect and accept each other, add a little humor. His recipe for a beautiful life.

David’s autobiographical story is set as a one man show revue with himself and alter ego Scarbie turning into many different characters. All wardrobe was designed and created by him. Scarbie talks, sings and interacts with the audience quickly firing off some brilliant jokes.  The boys loved that David does his costume changes right on stage, visible to everyone. From song to song, he quickly takes off his wig and snaps off his dress, changing from one colorful outfit to another. Carroll Burnett showed up right after Frank-N-Furter sang Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show followed by Lily Tomlin.

Did I mention that the theatre is actually a church? What a perfect venue for a drag show with the message of acceptance and  tolerance! He made jokes with a Jewish woman, a gay couple, a straight father, locals and foreigners, bringing us all together with his beautiful humor and assuring us that everybody is welcome in his venue!!!!!  His slogan ‘say no to negativity’ is a refreshing message in a world full of travel bans and discrimination. Scarbie claims “this show ticket is the best $20 you spent in Ptown”.  He’s right! What an amazing evening we all had.